Yannis Papadopoulos

I studied at the Vakalo School of Art, Athens (1964-1967), drawing and painting, under Iris Drakouli and Panagiotis Tetsis.
At the Vakalo School, I met Assandour Baharian and worked in his advertising agency and later, at his Ora Gallery (1965-72). I edited a number of catalogues, books and other publications and put up several exhibitions. I participated in group shows and in 1973 presented my first solo exhibition of sketches.
I continued my studies at the West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK (1973-77) where I discovered a whole new world beyond that of painting, sculpture and printing.
In 1978, returned to Greece and established my studio together with Maria Grigoriou. In 1979 with other artists we formed the AFI collective group.
Through all these years (1964- 2019) I have sketched, drawn, painting, wove, taught and created a considerable amount of handmade paper. I have presented my work in 14 solo exhibitions.
Last year, after 25 years, we moved to a new studio. The new one has no yard, but is in a large, unified space, and this, I think, will have an impact on my work.
Still, I continue to work.