Maria Grigoriou

Born in Greece. Studies at Vakalo school of Art, Athens and at Surrey College of Art, England.
Graduated with first class Honours.
Upon my return to Greece, I teach art and applied arts to children and adults, I work on commissions and I have my first solo exhibition (Ora Gallery 1979)
In 1979, along with another 7 artists, we form AFI collective. We have had and continue to do so, innumerable exhibitions in various galleries and institutions including Ora Gallery 1986, Epikentro gallery Patras 1991, Rethymno Centre for Contemporary Art 2002 , two at the Benaki Museum 2009,2014 and five abroad (Hannover 2012, Berlin 2012, Brussels 2013, Copenhagen 2014, Bologna 2016, Belgium 2019 )
Since 1992 I have been travelling to India yearly, visiting workshops and studying old textile techniques.
Having been trained in art and the art of weaving, I slowly sought new ways to craft my work, using various media.
For the last 15 years, my work has taken two directions. The one still involves textiles but has now become an increasingly conceptual method, applying traditional textile techniques to not necessarily traditional materials, and the other is sculptural, using an iron wire to ‘’draw’’ a continuous line, like one would use a pencil.
I have had 9 solo exhibitions and have participated in many exhibitions in Greece, England, France Austria, Germany, Norway.